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Getting started with Docker

Docker is an open source tool which helps run applications with distinct configurations in isolated environments. These environments seem like Virtual Machines, but in reality are way too different from traditional VM’s.

Containerization, the core concept behind docker has been around for quite a long time, however, Docker started gaining popularity ever since it’s release in 2013. Docker has now grown to that level that it is synonymous to Containerization. Docker used LXC or Linux Containerization at its core in the beginning and later went on to replace it with its own library, libcontainer.

Containerization is the process of packaging applications in different runtimes without requiring a separate Virtual Machine for each app. Multiple such applications can run in their own isolated environments without interfering with each other’s runtimes.



Docker, an open source tool


Intro + What’s Docker

What is Containerization

Docker v/s VM

Problems with Traditional VM
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Simple Web Server Docker
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