Saiprasad Balasubramanian

Software Developer | Language Agnostic Coder | Roboticist

Software Developer with 2+ years of experience working with startups in the EduTech and Robotics & Automation domains. Skilled in Python, Django, Flask, Ruby, Docker, devOps and more.

Work Experiences

GreyAtom Edutech

Mumbai, India
Software Developer
Apr 2017 - Present

Joined GreyAtom as a Software Developer to build a kickass Data Science Ecosystem

  • Architected and developed an online coding judge platform to evaluate users code in more than 10 languages.
  • Architected and developed the new website from scratch in Python, Django, and GRPC with a 3x increase in performance as compared to the previous website.
  • Worked on optimizing the legacy website and resulted in 4x faster site with over 85% reduction in size.
  • Architected and developed, a solution to enable learners to execute their Data Science code online using Project Jupyter
  • Worked on our in-house Data Science Platform - GLabs
  • Developed multiple PoC’s and took them successfully to Production
  • Liaised from various stakeholders across departments and transitioned their requirements into features on the platform.

Was awarded the Ripple Effect Award for exceptional ownership, leadership, and dedication towards the goal.

Tech Stack:

GreyAtom Edutech

Mumbai, India
Intern - Software Developer
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018

Joined GreyAtom as an Intern to mainly work on Dockerizing a current application and making it scalable in a secure way.

  • Worked on developing custom solutions based around the Jupyter Ecosystem on Docker
  • Researched on the future server architecture of our Data Science platform - GLabs
  • Worked on implementing a serverless architecture using AWS Fargate
  • Worked with Python, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Fargate, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Jupyter Notebook
  • Optimized the website and improved loading time by 4x and implemented measures to harden security.
Tech Stack:

YUPS Tech Solutions

Mumbai, India
Research Trainee
Jul 2016 - Oct 2016

Worked at a startup - YUPS as a Research Trainee working mainly in the domain of Robotics and Automation.

  • Worked in the hardware side on ARM Cortex M3 based microcontrollers (MCU) and other ultra low power MCU's
  • Created custom dashboards to show the KPI's based on the data pulled from the MCU's
Tech Stack:

YUPS Tech Solutions

Mumbai, India
Intern - Robotics Engineer
May 2015 - Jun 2015

Joined YUPS as an intern based on my previous work in the Robotics domain

  • Worked on custom robotics based solutions for clientele
  • Researched on various commercially viable communication devices
  • Used Microcontrollers right from Arduino Series to Raspberry Pi's
Tech Stack:

Colosseum IT Consultancy

Mumbai, India
Aug 2014 - Present

Founded and led a small team of Developers working with SME clientele across multiple domains

  • Communicated with clients, translated the requirements into stories and saw it through until implementation
  • Worked with Web Technologies

MT Educare Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, India
Lecturer - Physics
Jul 2014 - Oct 2014

Taught Physics for Class XI students majorly in the section of Applied Physics and Electronics

Mentored students on the right approach to tackle questions for various entrance exams. Continued mentoring students post leaving the organization.

Hewlett Packard

Mumbai, India
Intern - Networking Engineer
May 2014 - Jun 2014

Interned as a Network Engineer for Hewlett Packard at Bank of India, Zonal Head Office, Navi Mumbai

Troubleshooted and Maintained critical bank infrastructure and resolved conflicts in the networks as per the SLA

Routed traffic between main Data Center and backup Data Center as per the load and maintenance requirement

Professional Skills

Top Skills



2 years


2 years


2 years

Other Skills

Flask HTML5 CSS3 C C++ Git
Ruby Sketch Wireframe Embedded Systems



Domain Tracker

An application to track expiry of domain names


Understand your application libraries easily


Simple collection of snippets used frequently

Kyurito [WIP]

Track SEO metrics for all pages of your site in a go!


Dashboard to view metrics of an automated pool

Calendar App

A simple appointment & note taking application

Repo Downloader

A CLI to download all the repos of any GitHub user

Sentiment Analyzer

Analyze sentiment for a given Twitter Hashtag


Aggregated FAQ of COVID-19 from reputable sources


Live Covid stats from around the globe

LinkedIn Scraper

A tool to scrape comments of a LinkedIn post


Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Application

Get in Touch

I'm currently taking on freelance work.

I can help with the following:

  • Developing Scripts with Python/Ruby/Bash
  • Full-Stack development with Django or Flask
  • Ideas to MVP to Production ready projects
  • Any other custom requirements

Drop me a line at or call me at +91 70210 73672